The heating contractor in Sunrise will recommend a gas electric furnace with 97 percent efficiency.There’s excellent reasons for doing so. First is the fact you will lower your heating costs by a significant amount.Second is the fact you will enjoy a higher comfort level inside your home.

Tell someone their furnace is 97 percent efficient and they may or may not know what that means.Furnaces, and air conditioners for that matter, efficiency ratings have climbed over the years from a low of 65 percent to the 97 percent ratings you can get today. Though higher rated furnaces cost more,they also save more energy costs meaning you can recoup the extra purchase amount in a short period of time.

Understanding Heating Efficiency

The efficiency rating in a gas furnace is called the AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. The heating contractor in Sunrise will explain that each percentage point represents how much heat the furnace can utilize from a therm of gas. A 97 percent rating is pretty close to perfect. Currently, all new furnaces must have a rating of 78 percent or higher, but there is a big difference between the lowest and highest efficiency ratings.

When you are trying to decide what type of heating system to purchase, it’s necessary to consider current energy costs and your budget. The heating contractor Sunrise residents should consult can provide a range of furnaces for consideration. The contractor will advise you to buy the highest rating you can afford because of the substantial energy savings you will accrue over time.


Heating system or Furnaces come with many features today and that will impact the price of the furnace. These features include, but are not limited to:

Ignition systems – hot surface ignition or intermittent direct spark

Air filters – electrostatic, high efficiency particulate arresting filters

Variable speed blowers with variable heat output

Zoned heating – ability to control airflow to different spaces

The contractor will also advise you on your duct system. The Department of Energy has said that up to 40 percent of heating energy is lost in the duct system. The ductwork should be tightly sealed, designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the house and insulated.

Consider the Warranty

Purchasing a gas electric furnace is a major buying decision. The unit you choose to purchase must last for many years, so it’s a decision that must be made carefully.You will also want a quality warranty that covers parts and repairs for an extended period of time. The increased sophistication of the furnace technology makes buying an extended warranty a wise decision.

When it’s time to upgrade your heating system, your first call should be to Best AC Services Pro in Sunrise. Our experienced contractors will guide you through the selection process, showcasing the latest energy-efficient units and explaining all the features and terminology. With our invaluable assistance, you’ll make an informed decision that ensures optimal comfort and efficiency. Contact us today and experience the difference.